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Custom Reproductions

Hundreds of hunters have had Antlers by Klaus craft replicas of their original antlers so they can share them with friends or family, or to simply enjoy their trophy in both their home and their office or cabin!

Through our innovative multi-step molding process, both accurate measurements and the finest of details are captured without damaging or discoloring your antlers. Skilled artisans meticulously hand paint each replica for precise coloring that is natural, and true to the original. Few can see the difference between the original and the replica – we guarantee you’ll be impressed.

Pricing for custom replicas is determined primarily by total gross score and the complexity of the antlers. We will provide you a quotation prior to proceeding for both the molding of the original and the crafting of a replica version. Contact us today for your free quote!

Examples of Our Custom Antler Reproductions

“The replica is magnificent and well worth the wait — congratulations to Klaus on a job well done — if I did not know that it was a replica I would never have guessed as it is identical to the original in every way. Many thanks for your friendly assistance.”

Alan, South Africa