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Unique Projects

At Antlers by Klaus, creativity, skillful execution and attention to detail is what we are all about. We like nothing more than to make dreams come true! If you can dream it, we can do it. Contact us for your custom project today!

For longtime friend, Pat Reeve of Driven TV, Klaus Lebrecht of Antlers by Klaus was contacted to create something really special, in fact something that had never been done before. In honor of Pat’s 2012 wedding to co-star, Nicole Jones, a matching set of double stacked mounts were conceived, designed and crafted by Antlers By Klaus.

Besides double stacking the mounts, these mounts also rotate 360 degrees. The four whitetails selected to be replicated for this one-of-a kind project, were Pat’s Illinois 192 3/8” net typical* and sheds from the same deer and Nicole’s two trophy bucks, one from Saskaskewan and the other also from Illinois. Pat’s typical buck, is the largest typical buck, taken by a bow, ever recorded on film and worthy of such a phenomenal undertaking.

Each phase of the project required skill and ingenuity, since standard parts for this type of application do not exist. Over 22 hours were spent, carving and sculpting the four deer forms alone. Next came designing and building the mechanical parts to allow the mounts to rotate a full 360 degrees. Each stacked mount had to be reinforced with steel and balanced for smooth rotation. Next came the finishing. Custom leather backs for the four pedestal mounts were laser engraved with harvest photos of the deer and the Driven TV logo. In addition, each leather back was hand laced with leather stripping for a beautiful, custom finished edge. The finished mounts were then placed on top of custom wood pedestals, created to match the Driven TV show booth.

The Real Langlois Moose

In the spring of 2011, the Real Langlois Yukon Moose was declared the new Pope and Young world record moose at 249 1/8”. After meeting with Real, at the Pope and Young convention, Antlers By Klaus was honored to be selected as the replicator of this outstanding trophy. In fact, we were so impressed with it, we decided to include it in our trade show mount display.

A trophy of this magnitude needed something special, to be showcased in a way that would do honor to this great bull. A pedestal mount was soon selected to be the best way to feature the truly gigantic size of this Yukon moose. However, pedestal mount forms for moose do not exist, so once again, Antlers By Klaus used their creative abilities and developed and sculpted their own form. Hours of labor went into creating the uniquely shaped pedestal back and finishing with a luxuriously black backing material. Being the world record moose, it goes without saying that the spread on this giant was…well, gigantic!

As part of our trade show display, transporting such a large piece was problematic. The solution once again, came easily to Antlers By Klaus. Each replica horn is cast with a metal pinning system. Both the right and left sides of the antlers fit snugly into a receptor, artfully concealed on top of the moose head. When ready to transport, each side slides off easily and safely. The base is also an Antlers By Klaus original design. Circular in shape, it compliments and counterbalances the huge moose mount perfectly.

“The replica is magnificent and well worth the wait — congratulations to Klaus on a job well done — if I did not know that it was a replica I would never have guessed as it is identical to the original in every way. Many thanks for your friendly assistance.”

Alan, South Africa