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Frequently Asked Questions


Many people buy or commission a replica of their trophy in order to protect the investment they have made it. If tragedy should strike through fire or other types of damage, or theft, a replica will provide a means to be able to continue enjoying your trophy for years to come. If your trophy is unfortunately damaged, destroyed or missing, Antlers By Klaus recreation service can bring it back to life.

Not only the hunter, but many others may want to enjoy an exceptional specimen of an antler or horn. It may be a way to share with other family members a trophy taken by a beloved grandparent or other relative. Another common idea is if a business owner or employee harvests a large antler, placing a replica in multiple locations of a business lets the entire staff and clientele enjoy it. Hunting outfitters often will like a replica of a trophy animal that was taken with their guiding services, to promote their business. A replica may even be the most satisfactory way to settle disputes over antler ownership. If two hunters claim a trophy rack, each could have a replica of it. In the same manner, two different people own a side to a set of sheds. Both sheds can be replicated so both that parties may enjoy the entire rack. The possibilities are endless.

In a few words: for the sheer enjoyment of viewing one of natures’ masterpieces. Since real antlers are often extremely expensive, (over $100,000 in some cases), a replica is the most reasonable and logical way to still be able to enjoy the beauty of these animals.


Antlers By Klaus products are made of the finest quality polyurethane resin available. Not all polyurethanes are the same. Lesser quality resins tend to be inconsistent, discolor easily to UV rays, are brittle and break easily. The resin we have found is shipped halfway across America because this type is the best suited to our purposes. It is durable, resists breakage and accepts color very well, producing consistent superior results.

There are four basic types of resins available, polyester, urethanes, high density foams and epoxies. Antlers By Klaus has experimented will all four types and at various levels of quality. All trials showed vastly superior results with a high quality polyurethane resin.

All resins come with their own set of specifications and characteristics. The more rigid a resin is, the more fragile it becomes when subjected to hard blows or being dropped. The resin that is used by Antlers By Klaus has a small degree of flexibility to it. This helps the final product to better withstand accidental drops and bumps. Yet it still contains enough rigidity to maintain the original shape of the antlers. Although no resin is break proof, Antlers By Klaus resin products have shown better durability than other types of resin used in the marketplace.

If an Antlers By Klaus resin product is left outside in direct sunlight for a lengthy period of time, some yellowing will occur. This is true for almost all types of resin materials. However, the resin used in our products has shown greater resistance to yellowing than most resins. It contains an additive that is UV resistant. Antlers By Klaus does not recommend our products to be used in any type of outdoor application. In our own corporate indoor facility, our replicas have shown no sign of yellowing over many years of being displayed.

All coloring is done by on-staff artists, by hand, using art quality oil paints. The secret to a beautiful realistic colored replica is not the paint, but how skillfully it is applied. Color fastness is achieved through the quality resin used and a UV resistant clear coat sealer that is applied to the finished surface.


The molding process and materials used, do not damage the original antlers. It also will not discolor the original trophy. Molding materials are carefully removed from the antler once the mold is completed.

Antlers By Klaus uses a multi-step process to ensure that even the smallest of details are captured on each replica. Graduated layers of different types of molding rubber, is applied to the antler with each layer serving a different purpose. Beginning layers utilize molding rubbers best suited to capture fine details. Even velvet left on the antlers can be faithfully recreated. Subsequent layers utilize compounds that give strength and durability to the mold. After all layers of rubber have been applied, a strong outer shell is added, to help the rubber mold maintain its shape. Metal strapping is sometimes used to further reinforce the shape of the mold. All the various steps and materials together combine to create an accurate replica of each trophy.


All antler replica products produced by Antlers By Klaus are based on actual antlers with a few exceptions. Almost all are molded from the actual antlers themselves. One of the exceptions is the Brian Andrews Buck, item 9102. This replica is based on a sculpture created by Tom Sexton from photos and measurements of the real antlers. This was only done since the real antlers were stolen and have never been recovered.

Every reasonable attempt is made to disclose pertinent information concerning the nature of the replica, including if the original animal was free roaming or pen-raised. Please note: antler/horns measurements and related information is represented as accurate as possible. However, Antlers by Klaus does not guarantee the accuracy and is not responsible for misprints or received misinformation.

Antlers By Klaus has spent decades acquiring, securing and paying for the legal right to replicate the antlers in our collection. We have secured the rights in various ways, by buying out other replicating companies, by becoming the manufacturer for other replicators who own the legal rights, or by direct contracts with the legal antler owners themselves. Antlers By Klaus is committed to ethical business practices, especially concerning copyright infringements to replica antlers.


The manufacture of quality replicas and antler related products is an art, not a science. Each Antlers By Klaus replica is cast and finished by hand. Although other replicators have tried automating the process, the results have always been very poor quality replicas. Hence, the entire process may take 4-6 months or more to deliver. This is of course, dependent on workloads at the time of the order and are subject to change. The quality level achieved by this craftsman approach is well worth the wait.

Antlers By Klaus replicas are shipped using large national shipping companies. All products are insured against breakage during shipping. If any breakage should occur during shipping, please notify Antlers By Klaus immediately. Please retain all shipping boxes and packaging materials. They will be needed by the shipping company to file an insurance claim.


Pricing, as listed on the website is for the replicas alone. Additional taxidermy services, like shoulder, lifesized, European and pedestal mounts are available, at additional pricing.