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Antler Recreations

Sorry, but we are temporatily not accepting any new antler recreation orders at this time.

Antler Recreations

Due to high demand, Antlers By Klaus is placing requests for antler recreations on a waiting list.  Please contact us at 715-246-5882 or at for more information. 

Are your dream antlers or horns missing? There are many reasons why your trophy antlers may not be hanging on your wall. After a perfect shot, your buck of a lifetime may have wandered onto nearby property where you cannot retrieve him. Or while you were celebrating, your trophy may have been stolen. Or, they may have been lost to a house fire.

But don’t despair! Antlers By Klaus can bring your trophy back to life with its Antler Recreation/Replacement Service. From pictures alone (even if you don’t have measurements), Antlers By Klaus can recreate your missing antlers! 

Normally, we make a mold, but since your antlers are missing, with our expert staff, we literally are able to build your antlers back, inch by inch. Once complete, your recreated antlers will not only look like real antlers, they will look like YOUR antlers! Compare the “lost antlers” photos and the Antlers By Klaus recreated antlers below. As you can see, the recreated antlers are almost identical to the lost antlers. And we can provide full mounting services as well.

Examples of Our Antler Recreations:


Original pictures used to recreate the antlers below. As you can see, some are trail cameras, some are from when the antlers were originally with the customer.  The images below are our recreation of the above antlers, taken as close to the original image (corresponding top to bottom left to right).

Recreation: these images are of the recreated antler, using those four images (and a couple more, this customer had  many pics, thankfully, but that isn’t always the case


Below, find two sets of images, the Originals and the Recreations, of typical antler images that we receive.

Original (above) 
Recreation (below)



More of the above recreation below… 

More Original/Recreation collages…






 “My sheds got here yesterday … and I am absolutely thrilled! Thank you so much for bringing them back to life. Will recommend you guys to anyone I can!

David, Ohio

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