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Velvet Replication

Combining the artistry and the innovation that Antlers By Klaus has become known for, Antlers By Klaus now offers this first of its kind service: velvet antler replication.

If you were one of the very fortunate hunters to harvest a deer in velvet, it was a trophy you could treasure, but not replicate, until now. Antlers By Klaus has developed and perfected the art of replicating velvet antlers, all without damaging the original in anyway. Through our multistep process, that thoroughly protects the delicate velvet, we can mold and cast your original trophy.

Velvet like material is applied to the cast replica. Then, all the minute details of coloring are handpainted onto your velvet antler replica. We guarantee it will be a work of art anyone would be proud to own. See for yourselves. Antlers By Klaus was honored to be chosen to replicate Cody Robbins of the TV series Live To Hunt, world record velvet mule deer in 2011. Thank you Cody!

Examples of Our Custom Antler Reproductions


“You recently did a large Alberta velvet buck for a customer of mine.
I have to say it was 
the best artificial velvet I have seen…

Andy, New Hampshire

“Hi Klaus, enclosed a money order for Larry’s Rack. I am so very impressed by the business you and wife have. The rack holds it own for magnificence, however, the quality of what you have created in this reproduction is unreal. Your standard is second to none. A pleasure to do business with you. Hopefully, this is just the beginning. Keep up the great work!”

Dusty Rollins