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European (Skull) Mounts

Antlers By Klaus offers the most finely detailed Reproduction Skulls available:

  • Antelope | $250
  • Elk | $375
  • Impala | $350
  • Moose | $450
  • Mountain Goat | $250
  • Mule Deer | $250
  • Sheep | $450
    (Argali, Bighorn, Dall, Desert, Marco Polo, Stone)
  • Whitetail | $250

Our Museum-Grade Reproduction Skulls feature exceptional detail: fine painting of each individual tooth, suture lines, even extensive depth of the nasal septum area. Simply the finest available — perfect.

A few of our European (Skull Mounts)

I just wanted to say thanks on the great job with my project. They were everything I expected. I really appreciate getting one set done by the time I came to get my buck. That really impressed me and made me feel that my business was appreciated. Thanks again for a true work of art.

Gered, Iowa