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Clyde Lambert Buck

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Franklin D. Roosevelt was president when this buck wandered the canyons of Utah. Harvested by Clyde Lambert, in 1935, it was a family treasure for decades and now can be treasured by your family too. The stats of this trophy buck are almost beyond belief. The spread is 38 2/8″ and the main beams are 27 4/8″ and 24 3/8″. Tines reach over 18″ and the circumferences are over 5″ at the bases. But what puts this buck over the top, is 84 7/8″ of abnormal points, to make for a particularly majestic looking rack!


Please Note:  Pricing shown for Finished Reproduction Only.  Please call our studio at (715) 246-5882 to discuss adding a European (Skull) Mount, Shoulder Mount, Pedestal, or other Taxidermy Options to your order. 

All items are custom crafted following the receipt of your order.  As each Antlers by Klaus reproduction is hand cast and meticulously finished and painted, the process (on average) takes 4-6 months (sometimes more) to deliver.  We promise your Reproduction will be worth the wait.  Thank you!

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 24 × 24 in





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