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Jim Saurdiff (30 gallon buck)

Northern Minnesota has its own way of describing big bucks, by if it will fit inside of a metal drum. The James Saurdiff buck got its nickname of the “30 Gallon Buck”, because it barely fit inside of a 3o gallon container.  It’s impressive size is due to beam lengths of 28″ and 30″ that nearly touch at the tips and non-typical points of 58 4/8″ on the right side and 37 6/8″ on the left!


Please Note:  Pricing shown for Finished Reproduction Only.  Please call our studio at (715) 246-5882 to discuss adding a European (Skull) Mount, Shoulder Mount, Pedestal, or other Taxidermy Options to your order. 

All items are custom crafted following the receipt of your order.  As each Antlers by Klaus reproduction is hand cast and meticulously finished and painted, the process (on average) takes 4-6 months (sometimes more) to deliver.  We promise your Reproduction will be worth the wait.  Thank you!

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 24 in







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