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Tim Beck Buck

NEW ALL TIME #2 NON-TYPICAL HUNTER HARVESTED RECORD! NEW ARRIVAL! Tim Beck was an Indiana “lifer”, lifetime hunter that is… He had purchased a lifetime comprehensive hunting and fishing license back in the 90’s, which had served him well in the over 20 years Tim had been hunting and fishing in his home state. The fall of 2012 was just like all the others, up to two straight weeks spent in a tree stand, from early morning to dusk waiting and watching for a chance at a nice buck. Tim spotted a doe crossing the picked corn field, coming towards him. A few seconds later, another deer appeared right behind her, a buck trailing her every move. Tim could tell immediately that it was a “shooter” buck and waited patiently for the deer to come into range. At 50 yards, the buck raised his head, and Tim decided it was time to take a shot with his Remington 12 gauge. He slowly pulled the trigger and hit the gigantic buck in the right chest. The buck stomped, but didn’t run, but rather took a few more steps. A second shot from Tim’s faithful gun, put the buck down on the ground. Tim could see, even from his tree stand, that the rack was so big and so wide, that it held up the buck’s head from the ground. A scorer’s tape later confirmed the truly gargantuan size of this antler. 37 scorable points, main beams of 30 4/8″ and 29 6/8″, tine lengths of over 16 and 15″, and perhaps most impressive: 93 7/8″ of non-typical inches! The Tim Beck Buck easily blew past the old Indiana non-typical state record by over 50″. A net score of 303 7/8″ places the Tim Beck Buck in the very, very elite group of bucks that net over 300″, and landed the #2 harvested, non-typical all time record! Antlers By Klaus is honored to be able to bring you such a magnificent deer!


Please Note:  Pricing shown for Finished Reproduction Only.  Please call our studio at (715) 246-5882 to discuss adding a European (Skull) Mount, Shoulder Mount, Pedestal, or other Taxidermy Options to your order. 

All items are custom crafted following the receipt of your order.  As each Antlers by Klaus reproduction is hand cast and meticulously finished and painted, the process (on average) takes 4-6 months (sometimes more) to deliver.  We promise your Reproduction will be worth the wait.  Thank you!

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 24 in





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